LTO -4 tapes

TLTO technology and standard means Linear Tape Open and was designed by three big IT concerns: IBM, Seagate and HP.

In 2007 year was announced new linear version of tape standard – LTO4. Previous generation of LTO tape storage appeared every two years and offer double capacity in compare with last generation.

In regard to LTO4, case is different: capacity (800GB native and 1.6TB compressed capacity) double increase, data throughput (120MB/s native and 240MB/s compressed) half increase.

The news – in comparte to LTO3 technology – is 256-bit AES Encryption. There is also possible WORM technology (Write-Once, Read-Many). The drives and tapes LTO4 have backward compatibility. Drives can read from LTO2 and LTO3 tape storage and write on LTO3 tape storage. We have following tape storage LTO-4 Ultrium in our offer:

Besides of LTO-4 tape storage, we have also:
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